Mal WinnieAssociate

Mal is passionate about learning, leadership and living life to the upmost. A mad keen adventurer Mal has spent much of his adult life in some of the most remote and wilderness places on the planet. He has rock-climbed, kayaked, canyoned and hiked in many different countries and continents. It’s in these environments that he has learned the most about himself as a person and about leadership.

Having also worked in many different countries Mal has used many of these lessons in his leadership practice and philosophy at work and has led teams as small as two and co-lead teams as large as 200 across several countries.

When not exploring somewhere new in the vast outdoors Mal can usually be found attending a professional development workshop, reading another book to do with the brain and the latest neuroscience findings, practicing yoga or spending time with family and friends.

Outside of his formal tertiary studies, Mal is also an internationally certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, an mBIT Certified Coach and Trainer and a Certified Leadership Coach.





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