The research shows that the relationship between workplace culture, employee engagement and performance is substantial, to say the least. But what comes first? Well, longitudinal studies clearly show that an engaged and positive culture will undoubtedly influence performance and productivity in your organisation – not the other way around. The culture of your business has causal priority over everything else: service levels, productivity and sales numbers, customer satisfaction levels and employee performance.  So, what is this thing called “culture”?  We are simply referring to the way values, beliefs, critical actions and the day to day conversations of employees are enacted to create your unique business environment.  In other words, “how we do things around here”.

A positive organisational culture is one that encompasses high trust, engages and motivates people, helps a company to perform and increases the bottom line. So, how do you change, or create, the culture you want?  We believe the most effective way is to focus in on behaviours; identifying the critical behaviours that will enact the culture you desire.  Behaviours are tangible, can be communicated and can be learned; and we know that behaviour change leads to culture change.

You know we like research, so it will be no surprise that we take an evidence driven approach to helping you improve your organisational culture, employee engagement and performance. We are dedicated and committed to partnering with you to provide results that will truly help your organisation standout.

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