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Equipping leaders with the practical skills and frameworks to lift performance, engagement and wellbeing.

Hi, I’m Michelle Dalley

Director | Coach | Trainer

I have been a professional leadership and resilience Coach & Trainer for over ten years and have coached hundreds of clients to improve their ability to lead themselves and to lead and influence others.

I am trained and certified in a number of powerful coaching and training modalities that I use to help clients transform their communication and behaviour including Conversational Intelligence™, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Transforming Communication™, DiSC Profiling and more.

I love to study psychology and neuroscience and keep my finger on the pulse of the latest developments.

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Ignite Group works with organizations and leaders to develop leadership capability, create high-trust cultures and build resilience, whilst helping you to achieve high performance. We do this through providing coaching and training in Conversational Intelligence™, coaching skills, resilience and self-management/personal success. We also love working with individuals on their personal development to help build confidence, resilience, release anxiety & trauma and help you to move forward in life.


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One to One Coaching
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Team Training


One to One Coaching
Online programmes

“This was by far the best training I had received in my 25 years of management.”

“ECL Group regularly invests in training initiatives for our staff.  We have on many occasions engaged Michelle and Mal to provide specific training and development for our staff.  Michelle and Mal are able to customise their training to our needs and we continue to enjoy a collaborative relationship that achieves this.  Whether it be the on-boarding of new employees, change management, management techniques, high performance leadership etc, Michelle and Mal always provide a program that works for us.  Approximately 5 years ago I personally attended a 2 day Leadership training session.  This was by far the best training I had received in my 25 years of management.  I highly recommend Michelle and Mal.”

David Bell

Chief Operating Officer, ECL Group

“The coaching made me challenge preconceptions, and often misconceptions, about myself that I have long held to be true. Michelle has a talent for reflection and I often found that through the coaching process that I could more clearly view and define my goals as well as identify the steps I would need to achieve them.  Michelle’s easy and friendly manner soon established a relationship of trust and good will. I believe that this was essential in getting many of the root issues that I needed to re-examine and deal with. Though at the outset I was a little dubious about the whole process I have found the experience to be valuable on both a professional and personal level.”

M Woodman