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Powerful, practical & proven skill development for leaders, business owners, coaches & practitioners

Delivering real and measurable transformation for more than 15 years

Providing the skills and tools that you need to make the impact you desire.

Ignite your people

For Leaders & Teams
Tangible results through engaging, thoughtful and fun team building, skills workshops and coaching.

Ignite your business

For Coaches & Practitioners
Accredited training and supervision to expand your skill set in the most current tools and techniques for transformation.

Ignite your values

For Individuals
Increase confidence, release anxiety and stress, and find your next steps with clarity and motivation.

Your legacy is to make an impact, mine is to make it easy for you.

I love working with leaders, business owners and coaches who truly want to make an impact with their work. But it drives me crazy when they have to take theoretical courses and programs that can’t be easily applied.

So I created Ignite Group to take the complexity out of powerful tools and approaches, making it easy for you to integrate into your business and practice. Making the complex simple and practical – and easy to apply.

Let’s ignite your passion to succeed, together.

Ignite Group Is The Answer

There is more to change than learning. Most trainers focus on knowledge transfer, but for personal and professional development to truly benefit individuals and organisations, integration and application are equally important.

Ignite Group understands your real world challenges.

We apply science and a deep knowledge and appreciation of the uniqueness of you and your people.

The result is embodied change that amplifies success, satisfaction and synergy.

Making the complex simple

Our skill is in taking very complex principles and creating easy to apply frameworks and tools that mean you make a difference immediately.

Proven Science-Based Techniques

In a world of untrained coaches and trainers, we rely on science backed tools and resources and have done the hard work so that you don’t have to.

Flexible Learning

People don’t learn unless they’re in the right environment. Knowledge transfer on its own doesn’t get results. We understand what makes learning stick and create an environment for sustainable change.

Adaptable & Relevant

No off-the-shelf approach here. Expect a bespoke service.

We will work with you to ensure that any program or training is entirely relevant and customised for your unique circumstances.


We’ve been doing this since before it was cool. With over 14 years in the Professional Development industry, thousands of happy clients and countless referrals you can relax in the knowledge that you are working with professionals who have earned their stripes. Our knowledge and experience is both deep and broad.

Engaging & Fun

The best way for training and learning to stick is to make it enjoyable. We have the skills to create deep learning and engagement, that is actually fun for all. Skeptical? Go on, test us!

It’s time to Ignite Your Impact

Lots of happy clients

“Ignite were incredible to work with from the outset. Over the sessions I really saw our team come together as we developed more awareness around self, and then developed a greater understanding of our team’s unique personality mix and how that plays out in a work environment. Michelle’s a very captivating facilitator, my team couldn’t believe how fast the sessions went and looked forward to each one, she made it so enjoyable.”

AmandaManager NZ Post

“I highly recommend completing the Havening Practitioner Training with Michelle Dalley. Michelle is a masterful trainer who engages her learners in such a way that the learning feels effortless plus it was FUN – we had loads of laughs along the way!”

Brenda ScullyPrincipal Coach & Trainer, Enabling Change

“[Michelle’s] experience, intelligence, knowledge of HR rules and wisdom has enabled me to make tough and kinder decisions than I would have come up with on my own, and they’ve proved extremely effective.”

AmandaManager Oranga Tamariki

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