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We support and develop leaders and teams to grow resilient and engaged cultures, where people thrive and achieve high performance.

We get excited about partnering with organisations who are serious about developing potential and this looks like you, because you’re doing your research!  In fact, research is another thing we’re passionate about, but not just research for the sake of it but research with practical application. We love understanding how the brain works, how we get motivated and what influences behaviour; then taking this information and turning it into practical and simple day to day strategies to lift performance and create new outcomes.

Nothing gets us more motivated than a good challenge. So, if you’re feeling confused or frustrated with how things are or maybe you can see where you want to go but just need some help getting there, then either way you’ve come to the right place.

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  • I brought Ignite in to design and deliver personal and interpersonal resilience skills courses to support our business people in a major change programme.  Their design was spot on and their style of course delivery enabled participants to engage with the content at deeper levels.  The feedback we received from participants was that the course was an excellent experience, relevant and usable in their professional and personal lives straight away.  I will be aiming to bring Ignite in on every project from now on.

    Heather Change Manager
  • NLP has helped shift my anxieties and fears I had with flying and general self confidence with public speaking.  I am amazed at how well the treatment worked on me, and I encourage anyone who might be struggling with things similar to this, to give it a try and see the difference it can make to your everyday life.

    Nicholas Brinkman
  • A fascinating journey through skills and "tips and tricks" to improve our ability to influence others.  A high energy, high learning environment where a lot of good skills are learnt about the power and benefits of influence.

  • You have to go! From my perspective this was probably the best workshop I have attended, The course will open your mind to how you think and how others think. Then you will learn how to be a better facilitator and trainer.

  • ECL Group regularly invests in training initiatives for our staff.  We have on many occasions engaged Michelle and Mal to provide specific training and development for our staff.  Michelle and Mal are able to customise their training to our needs and we continue to enjoy a collaborative relationship that achieves this.  Whether it be the on-boarding of new employees, change management, management techniques, high performance leadership etc, Michelle and Mal always provide a program that works for us.  Approximately 5 years ago I personally attended a 2 day Leadership training session.  This was by far the best training I had received in my 25 years of management.  I highly recommend Michelle and Mal.

    David Bell Chief Operating Officer, ECL Group
  • Michelle has been coaching our Art of Deliberate Success® programme for several years and the feedback from clients has always been outstanding. Michelle is warm, insightful and highly skilled. She is a true professional coach.

    David Keane
  • The coaching made me challenge preconceptions, and often misconceptions, about myself that I have long held to be true. Michelle has a talent for reflection and I often found that through the coaching process that I could more clearly view and define my goals as well as identify the steps I would need to achieve them.  Michelle's easy and friendly manner soon established a relationship of trust and good will. I believe that this was essential in getting many of the root issues that I needed to re-examine and deal with. Though at the outset I was a little dubious about the whole process I have found the experience to be valuable on both a professional and personal level.

    M Woodman

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