Ignite Your People: for leaders & teams

Tangible results through engaging, thoughtful and fun team building, skills workshops and coaching.

“The next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture. Which depends on the quality of the relationships. Which depends on the quality of the conversations” – Judith E Glaser

Ignite Your People

  • What’s the next level of greatness that you aspire to?
  • How is the culture of your organisation, department or team helping or hindering you to get there?
  • Where do you need support?

Our leadership and team development programmes focus on the way you and your people communicate. We equip you to have the conversations that matter; building high-trust cultures, lifting performance and increasing innovation.

We also support you to manage yourself more effectively through building resilience and personal success behaviours.

The methodologies we use are researched, proven and most importantly, practical.

Your results are what is most important to us, therefore we partner with you to create a learning pathway that works for you.

Being a people leader asks a lot of us.

It can also be an incredibly rewarding, empowering and growthful career choice.


  • There’s nothing worse than being in a meeting either not knowing what to say, or knowing what to say but being afraid to say it.
  • Or when your team experiences conflict due to differing personalities, or things don’t go according to plan and you feel ill-equipped to support them.
  • Or having to give feedback to your team to inspire behaviour change but you’re worried about unintentionally creating resistance or defensiveness.
  • It’s exhausting when you spend every day waiting for someone to discover that you don’t have it all figured out.

What’s made you a brilliant specialist is not what will make you an inspiring leader. So what will? You can trust that we’ve got you covered.

Building Blocks

We have a wealth of learning programmes, modules and solutions that we draw on to create your unique solution.

We draw from a selection of research backed, proven methods and tools to create your unique solution. Once we determine your needs we tailor every step of the path for you from design to delivery options.

1:1 Leadership coaching

Fast results in a private setting to put your leadership skills on turbocharge.

Tailored leadership development programmes

Fill skills gaps and embody your own unique leadership style.

Team development programmes

Happy customers love engaging with happy, effective, empowered teams.

In-house Programme Design and Train the trainer

We do the design and you take the credit!

Multi-faceted Solutions

We create bespoke Leadership & Team Development coaching, workshops and programmes that are relevant, engaging, challenging and inspire behaviour change.

We know balance is key. We specialise in finding the right balance between the theory you need to know and the practical application of the skills and tools that will get you the results you need.

We care about your learning experience. We work with you to understand your culture, the desired outcomes and goals, constraints, values and what’s important. Together we create a solution that makes you and your people feel valued.

The Process

Step One:

We meet and discuss your needs and culture.

Step Two:

Ignite creates a proposal outlining our recommended approach.

Step Three:

We collaborate on the final and unique solution for you.

Step Four:

We engage and deliver the programme that has been agreed.

Step Five:

We debrief and discuss next steps.

We know what it takes

Michelle and Ignite’s associates have been in your shoes. Michelle has personally been a People Leader, a leader of leaders and a leadership development specialist for many years. She’s personally experienced pretty much every challenge that leaders can face, as well as coached and trained thousands of leaders.

We know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, like you’re not getting it right, to fear the difficult conversation, the frustration at the challenging personality and the stress of the pressure to manage everything and achieve results.

Being a people leader asks a lot of us. It can also be an incredibly rewarding, empowering and growthful career choice.

To support you and your team, we’ve developed a kete of proven, practical and powerful resources to help you step into your leadership style and get the outcomes you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a training programme cost?

We’ll work with you to get really clear on your needs and how we can help. We’ll then provide you with a tailored solution and pricing, working with your budget.

How much time will it take?

We know time can be a challenge. We’ll work with you to customise an approach that fits with your time constraints and timeline. We’ll also be upfront about what can & can’t be achieved.

Do you offer online solutions?

Yes! We’ve delivered many hours of online training and coaching. Feedback on our online training delivery consistently shows that our approach is engaging, highly interactive and valuable.

Coaching clients consistently report high levels of satisfaction, behaviour change and goal achievement.

What delivery methods do you offer?

We’ll work with you to determine the best fit delivery methods for you. Training programmes can be delivered in-person, live online, recorded video lessons and a combination of all.

Coaching is primarily delivered online but may also be delivered in person in Hawkes Bay or Wellington.

Lots of happy clients

“One of the things that truly sets Michelle apart is her remarkable talent for facilitating meaningful discussions. She has a way of bringing people together, creating unity among participants, and creating an environment of honest communication.

If you are in search of a facilitator who can deliver impactful and transformative learning experiences, I highly recommend Michelle. Her ability to connect, engage, and inspire is incomparable. You won’t be disappointed.”

Melissa HareGeneral Manager, Fortuna International Ltd

“Professional leadership coaching with Michelle has been one of the most powerful development experiences of my whole career. Michelle brought together a huge range of practical tools and models, and effortlessly combined this with her considerable coaching talents. Working with Michelle has helped grow my confidence, as well as practice some great new ways of working that really suit my style. ”

Mark Potter – Manager, MPI

“I think this course [Ignite Leadership Programme] is amazing and would recommend to anyone newly in a team lead / management role. Michelle taught our leadership team a lot and we have all benefited from the course. I have noticed that we all approach conversations in a different way than we used to which results in a better response from our team.”

SharleenOffice Manager

It’s time to Ignite Your Impact