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I’ve worked in the leadership and personal development space for over 15 years and have helped thousands of people in a diverse range of organisations.

Before doing this work, I held a number of people leader and specialist roles in the financial services sector, including running national change projects.

From Leader to Coach

People leadership didn’t come naturally to me, and I had to learn new ways of thinking and operating and unlearn old habits – that had helped my success as a specialist but not as a leader.

I see many new leaders struggle with this transition and even experienced leaders who haven’t had the opportunity for powerful development.

When I engaged with my own leadership coach, many years ago, it was an incredible and transforming journey. The changes I experienced in myself and with leading my people is what inspired me to want to become a professional coach.

So, I took a leap of faith, engaged in extensive professional development and set up my own business. It was the best career decision I’ve made (& one of the hardest), and I feel incredibly privileged to do the work I do.

Leading to a big life change

In 2022 I made the decision to return to my hometown of Hawkes Bay, after living in Wellington for over 20 years. This was prompted by the need to prioritise supporting my family and becoming the guardian and co-carer of a beautiful 6-year-old. A huge life change for me that is both challenging and rewarding!

I now base my work between Hawkes Bay and Wellington. In my spare time (though, not a lot of that these days!) you’ll find me hanging out with family and friends, working on house reno-projects, having fun with my dog Bailey, studying something(!), doing volunteer work, travelling and getting out in nature.

Supporting Coaches & Practitioners

It was a natural progression for me to want to pass on the knowledge and skills I’ve learned, and that I know make a difference, to other coaches and practitioners.

I’m passionate about bringing credibility to the coaching industry and equipping practitioners with transformational tools that empower their clients towards success.

To a Wellbeing Specialist

I didn’t set out to become an expert in mental fitness and resilience but the more I worked with leaders the more I realised that the key to them achieving their goals was in overcoming their internal challenges – lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, anxiety, stress, emotion regulation, to name a few.

During my own leadership and business ownership journey I’ve had to deal with and overcome similar challenges of perfectionism, imposter syndrome, procrastination and mindset.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to learn from some amazing teachers who are leading the way in the fields of neuroscience, resilience, coaching and mindset work. I’ve invested the time and money to bring a broad range and depth of tools and resources to support you in your journey – both professionally and personally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between coaching and counselling?

Whilst there are similarities in some of the skills used, Coaching is future and change focussed, helping you move towards the objectives/outcomes that you want to achieve. We’ll ask thought provoking questions, use multi-level listening and build a high trust environment. We help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be through raising awareness, interrupting unhelpful patterns that prevent you from moving forwards and developing new strategies, techniques or behaviours towards goal achievement.

Counselling helps you to explore past and current challenges in order to overcome them. It can equip you with building inner and interpersonal resources.

What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring?

A Coach’s skill is in helping to develop and expand your thinking, holding you accountable to take motivated action, suppporting you to overcome barriers and building your resources with the aim of you achieving specific goals you’ve identified. A coach doesn’t need to be skilled/experienced in the specific goals that you want to achieve.

A mentor comes from the basis of having been in your shoes and already skilled in a specific role, career or skill that you’re wanting to develop in. Their approach is in guiding you based on their experience.

Both coaching and mentoring are powerful developmental approaches.

What’s your coaching approach

With the Ignite coaching approach we tailor to your individual needs.

  • We help you to get really clear on your coaching goals or outcomes and why these are important
  • We uncover deeper awareness of the current situation supporting you to gain new insights
  • We utilise the various methods, tools and resources we have to support you in overcoming any challenges or limiting beliefs/habits that are preventing you from achieveing your goals
  • We utilise the various methods, tools and resources we have to support you to develop new strategies, habits and behaviours to move towards your goals
  • You’ll be assigned agreed tasks to complete between coaching sessions

Clients typically find the coaching enlightening, affirming, sometimes challenging and very supportive.

How many sessions will I need?

We can’t say exactly how many sessions you’ll need as each coaching engagement is tailored to supporting you to achieve your desired outcomes.

We usually recommend a minimum of 3 sessions to ensure changes are fully integrated long term – some engagements may be shorter and some longer. We work with you around your budget and desired outcomes and can give you a guide once we’re clear on your coaching goals and your current situation.

Lots of happy clients

“Michelle’s coaching helped me to see a clear pathway in my next career step and built my confidence to travel along it. Michelle brings professionalism, a vast amount of knowledge to her role as a coach, and a warm and empathetic approach; taking the time to develop a trusting relationship. I can highly recommend Michelle as a coach.”

Corinna BennettPrincipal Advisor

“NLP has helped shift my anxieties and fears I had with flying and general self confidence with public speaking. I am amazed at how well the treatment worked on me, and I encourage anyone who might be struggling with things similar to this, to give it a try and see the difference it can make to your everyday life.”

Nicholas Brinkman – Musician

“Michelle has helped build my confidence. I had imposter syndrome, and I would get into meetings where I spent most of the time wondering if what I had said was good enough. Within two sessions that had changed… I feel very lucky to have had Michelle as a Coach. I would recommend her to anyone”

Jenni DrewSupportive Care Manager

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