Have you been affected by Cyclone Gabriel? Do you or your team need support with stress management, anxiety, trauma recovery or staying resilient in these challenges times? We’re located in Hawkes Bay and here to help. For one-on-one support or group sessions contact us michelle@ignitegroup.co.nz

Coaching & Training Services

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Are you tired of being asked to implement the latest leadership trend without being given any real guidance on how to practically do it? How many times have you heard catch phrases that ask you to do “more”;

Be more innovative”

“Build more trust in your team”

“Get higher engagement”

“Collaborate more”

“Coach your team more; don’t tell them what to do”

“Delegate more”

“Show your team you care, but don’t drop performance”

Coaching and Training Services

Sound familiar?

The role of a leader is already full.  How can you do “more” without cloning yourself or working every hour under the sun?

That’s where we come in with practical tools, skills, strategies and frameworks that can help you to get better results, without burning yourself out.  Sound good?  Take a look at our leadership development and resilience services.

If you’re looking to develop yourself personally, we’ve also got you covered.  We provide one on one personal coaching to support you to feel more confident, build resilience, release anxiety and trauma and generally get ahead in life.  If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to take a look at our personal coaching services.

Leadership & Teams

Coaching and training

Online Programmes

  • Coaching Essentials for Leaders (available in May 2020)
  • Conversational IQ (coming soon)
  • The 10 Behaviours of Successful People: Seminar Series via webinar (available in May 2020)

Face to Face Programmes (in house)

  • Coaching Essentials for Leaders
  • Conversational IQ for leaders and teams
  • Enhancing Team Dynamics
  • The 10 Behaviours of Successful People


Coaching and training

Your Resilience Roadmap: Online Programme (available in May 2020)

Your Resilience Roadmap: Face to Face (in house)

“I aim to improve your performance, help you be more successful and improve the quality of your life.”

Confidence | Anxiety | Trauma Recovery | Resilience | Career

One to one Coaching

Coaching is future focussed, helping you move towards the objectives/outcomes that you want to achieve.  The first session is about establishing your coaching objectives which act as the guide rails for the coaching.

The coaching sessions help to raise awareness, build on strengths, expand thinking, challenge assumptions/limiting beliefs/thought patterns and introduce new strategies for success.  In between coaching sessions you will have tasks to carry out to support you in achieving your objectives and making the changes you want.

Speaking Engagements & Presentations

Presentations | Talks | Keynotes

Taking Back Control in Times of Stress, Building Resilience, Resilience through Change, Building Assertiveness, Conversational Intelligence™, The Neuroscience of Feedback

“We would like to sincerely thank you for your participation in our Assertiveness, Influencing Skills & Conflict Management for Women. Your presentation has been rated by the delegates as 4.5 out of 5”  Crown Leadership Group

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Michelle was so good we asked her to come back again

“Michelle designed and supported a big group of both Government and Non-Government organisations to put a healthy viable plan together. Michelle provided a platform to support the group, a safe environment for communication to be expressed, a well thought through process to allow a collaboration of collective thinking and commitment from the group, to then put this plan into action. Michelle was so good we asked her to come back again.” Thanks so much Michelle.”

T Uriaro

Intensive Client Support Manager, Ministry of Social Development

It was fantastic.  This workshop gave me insights into my own behaviour and positive strategies about how to work together as a team. Michelle’s style was warm and engaging.”


I found the content very insightful about my own communicating style and more importantly the style of other members in the team.  Michelle is a very good facilitator with a relaxed, playful style – while still getting through the work.”