Your Resilience Roadmap

Individuals | Organisations | Teams

In this programme you will learn:

  • What stress is and have greater awareness of your own triggers so that you can manage them more effectively
  • How to develop greater choice in how you respond to challenging and stressful situations
  • Simple and powerful tools to regulate your emotions more effectively
  • How to tame your inner critic and turn it into your inner coach
  • The importance of connection with others, while setting and maintaining boundaries
  • The link between your physical health and your mental and emotional wellbeing

If you’re ready to feel more in control of your life and your responses, then get in touch and find out more.

Building resilience is an essential skill

In times of uncertainty, busyness and change we can feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and even stuck. These are natural reactions, but there are times when we can struggle to overcome them and move forward.

Building your resilience is an essential skill in the complex and evolving times we live and work in. The great news is that resilience is a set of skills that you can learn and cultivate to support yourself to get better outcomes in all areas of your life.

“I brought Ignite in to design and deliver personal and interpersonal resilience skills courses to support our business people in a major change programme. Their design was spot on and their style of course delivery enabled participants to engage with the content at deeper levels. The feedback we received from participants was that the course was an excellent experience, relevant and usable in their professional and personal lives straight away. I will be aiming to bring Ignite in on every project from now on.”

Heather Simpson (ex) Ministry of Education, now with Customs

“Ignite Group worked with us to create a bespoke workshop that works so well for our diverse Council workforce. Their personal and engaging style of delivery is a key factor for the workshop success. Our pre- and post-resilience workshop surveys encouragingly showed that the participants were more likely to think the workshop was “definitely” needed after attending. We highly endorse and recommend Ignite Group as resilience providers”.

Annabel Wilton Wellington City Council