Shifting from imposter syndrome to feeling confident and focused

If you’re curious about Leadership coaching, you can read here about one client’s experience.

Jenni wanted to take control of her career progression and feel more confident in her ability as a leader and communicator. We worked together over several months and she achieved her original objectives and more; including having clarity on her strengths, what her ideal role and working environment looks like, how she could position herself for future roles, feeling really confident in her abilities and skills, simple and effective strategies for overcoming anxious/distracting thoughts, and strategies for communicating powerfully in different contexts.

Here’s her experience:

“Michelle was recommended to me as a Coach by a friend and having spent time working with her, I understand why.

Michelle has helped build my confidence. I had imposter syndrome, and I would get into meetings where I spent most of the time wondering if what I had said was good enough. Within two sessions I had started to ask myself the question – “what if they are more focussed on their own work than on mine”…which changed to “they are probably more focused on their own work…” This change meant I could concentrate on the meeting, and I’ve been complemented on my contributions since.

I had some quite specific things I wanted to cover in Coaching, around what next in my career and how to go about doing that. The resources Michelle guided me through helped me realise where my strengths lie and the types of roles I would like to pursue in the future.

Michelle’s approach was flexible, and she was happy to work through issues I had as they arose.

She does this incredible work by building a safe supportive environment where you can learn about yourself. We have built a ‘happy space’ that I can return to anytime I get anxious at work. I have used this during meetings, in pitching new ideas and even going for job interviews. All these situations in the past overwhelmed me.

I feel very lucky to have had Michelle as a Coach. I would recommend her to anyone”.

Jenni Supportive Care Manager

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