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Coaching is all about helping and supporting an individual to achieve specific outcomes. Simply put, coaching aims to improve performance, help you be more successful and improve the quality of your life.  It is a process that empowers and enables people, drawing on strengths and creating the opportunity to self-reflect and find the answers within themselves to constructively move forward.


Coaching helps to bring a new awareness to reactions, in a safe and supportive way, so that you can make wiser decisions and create sustainable behaviour change to help you achieve your outcomes.

We’re passionate about the effectiveness of coaching.  Here are some of the many benefits, from our own experience of working with hundreds of clients and from the research on coaching:

  1. Increased self-awareness and resilience
  2. Improved communication, influencing and interpersonal skills
  3. Taking action to move forward toward your goals
  4. Increased self-esteem and self-confidence
  5. Skill development
  6. Enhanced employability
  7. New and previously unthought of opportunities

The Coaching Process

Coaching is future focussed, helping you move towards the objectives/outcomes that you want to achieve.  The first session is about establishing your coaching objectives which act as the guide rails for the coaching. 

The coaching sessions help to raise awareness, build on strengths, expand thinking, challenge assumptions/limiting beliefs/thought patterns and introduce new strategies for success.  In between coaching sessions you will have task(s) to carry out to support you in achieving your objectives and making the changes you want.

Coaching sessions can be held at our office on The Terrace, via Zoom/Skype or telephone and typically run for 60-75 minutes.

How to feel calmer in times of stress

In this video Michelle introduces you to a simple psychosensory technique, from Havening Techniques ™, that helps you to quickly calm down from stress or worry. Michelle is trained in a number of modalities that can help you to move from stress, anxiety and trauma to feeling more relaxed, calm and at ease inside yourself.

Introducing mBraining

mBraining is a powerful coaching modality that helps you to connect with and align your three centres of intelligence: your head, heart and gut. When these intelligences are out of alignment you can find it hard to make decisions, feel stuck in inaction, know logically what you should do but your heart’s just not in it. If any of this sounds familiar, then mBraining could help you to come into alignment, make better and wiser decisions and take the action that is right for you. Michelle is a certified professional Master Coach and Trainer.

For a catch up or coaching session with Michelle

well beyond what I’d hope to achieve.

The coaching with Michelle has been fantastic and well beyond what I’d hope to achieve.   She provided a supportive and encouraging environment where I was able to reflect and consciously learn new skills.  I have also experienced positive changes in me at an unconscious level that feel natural and easy.  I would definitely work with Michelle again.

K Beri

Michelle’s Havening techniques gave me the confidence to be at ease and release old patterns of stress and anxiety. Allowing me to feel lighter in all aspects of my life. I highly recommend Michelle and all her techniques.